MBUTA and District Reach Tentative Agreement for 2013-14

We have a tentative agreement.  And by “we” we mean WE.  This agreement was made possible only because of your willingness to remain united in the best sense of the word UNION.  Your tenacity and sacrifice, your ability to stand up for what is right, made the difference.

Your Executive Board and Negotiating Team want to extend our most sincere thanks for your work, perseverance and support during this long and difficult process. We must also recognize and give thanks to the parents in the community who were willing to listen and contribute an enormous amount of their own time to raise awareness to the problem that prolonged this struggle. Their dedication remains invaluable.

The general terms of the agreement are as follows:

1.      A 5% on the schedule raise retroactive to July 1, 2013
2.      Maintenance of the 80/20 health and welfare agreement
3.      4 mandatory PD days in 2014-15, paid at your FULL DAILY rate (equivalent to 2% of your salary), sunsetting at the end of 2015.
4.      A continuation of the pilot teacher evaluation system for 2014-15, to be made permanent in 2015-16, unless changes are approved by a sub-committee made up of administration and MBUTA.
5.      An increase in the extra-duty pay from $38/hr. to $39/hr. effective upon ratification by both parties.
6.      For 2014-15, the District will provide all elementary 4th and 5th grade classroom teachers with an additional 3 hours per month of preparation time.

In light of this proposed settlement, we are encouraging each one of you to continue to give of your time, effort and expertise to make the educational experience of MBUSD kids the very best it can be. Please click the link below to view the agreement.

MBUTA Tentative Agreement 2013-14

MBUTA and District Reach Tentative Agreement for 2013-14