L.A. Times Article Warns About iPads

Hyping classroom technology helps tech firms, not students. Los Angeles Times columnist, Michael Hiltzik warns about the commercial interests of companies like Apple in transferring taxpayer money away from schools to technology giants. The author cites experts in the field of education and even the U.S. Department of Education about the diminished value technology brings to learning:

“The media you use make no difference at all to learning,” says Richard E. Clark, director of the Center for Cognitive Technology at USC. “Not one dang bit. And the evidence has been around for more than 50 years.”

“[I]nstructional TV was going to revolutionize everything,” recalls Thomas C. Reeves, an instructional technology expert at the University of Georgia. “But the notion that a good teacher would be just as effective on videotape is not the case.”

“Computers, in and of themselves, do very little to aid learning,” Gavriel Salomon of the University of Haifa and David Perkins of Harvard observed in 1996. Placing them in the classroom “does not automatically inspire teachers to rethink their teaching or students to adopt new modes of learning.”

“In 2009, the Education Department released a study of whether math and reading software helped student achievement in first, fourth, and sixth grades, based on testing in hundreds of classrooms. The study found that the difference in test scores between the software-using classes and the control group was “not statistically different from zero.” In sixth-grade math, students who used software got lower test scores — and the effect got significantly worse in the second year of use.”

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L.A. Times Article Warns About iPads